Yikes! Video shows crash that left driver hanging out of van

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Talk about a violent way to wake up. Here’s a video from the Ukraine that shows a

Renault delivery van

involved in a head-on collision that left a huge chunk of the side of the van ripped away and the driver hanging out of it, fully exposed.

Although those involved were taken to the hospital, no one suffered serious injuries in the crash, which took place the morning of Aug. 28 on a road in the village of Mylushi in northwestern Ukraine. Closed-circuit television footage shows that the driver of the van had crossed the center line and crashed into an oncoming blue truck towing a trailer with heavy construction equipment, which tried to veer to its right to avoid the van at the last minute.

The crash seemed to have spun the driver 90 degrees in his driver seat. It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. His back is to the camera as the vehicle comes to a rest at a 90-degree angle to traffic. You can just make out a passenger in the van as well. And considering the way the van’s roof crumpled to the side of the driver’s head, it’s a miracle he escaped without a serious head injury.

According to

The Daily Mail

, which obtained the footage, it’s believed the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

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