Doylestown Auto Repair

Winter Tune up Special

Winter is coming and you should get your anti freeze, tires, batteries and
heaters checked now before you need to get towed when you are trying to get to

There is nothing worse than trying to get to work on a cold morning when you
are running late and you can’t get your windows defrosted.  We have a customer
that got a ticket for driving with frosted up windows and one customer got hit
while shoveling his driveway by a driver with frosted up windows.

When the temperature drops to freezing we always see a sharp spike in battery
failures. Get your battery tested today before it is too late.

All summer we are worried about staying cool but forget about heat until
until it is tool late.

How is the tread on your tires?  Studies show on average you can stop 70 feet
sooner in wet weather on tires with 8/32 tread versus 2/32 tread which is the
minimum tread depth for Pa state inspection.

Volkswagen and Audi’s seem to get clogged heater cores more than other
vehicles.  A preventive coolant flush can be a cheap and simple solution for the
problem instead of spending $900 for a new heater core.

  • For $49.99 we will check the condition of your antifreeze, check your
    heat, properly inflate your tires and check the tread,  test your battery and
    put on a fresh set of wiper blades before winter sets in.  Offer expires
    November 30, 2014

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