Winkelmann Casts Doubt on Audi Hypercar

Winkelmann Casts Doubt on Audi Hypercar

We reported last week that Audi was considering producing a hybrid supercar to compete with Mercedes and Aston Martin, but Audi Sport boss, Stephan Winkelmann recently doused the flames of excitement in an interview with Top Gear.

“A hybrid hypercar would be a perfect thing,” Winkelmann told the magazine. “If it’s about ideas, we are full of them. If it’s about money, then we have to think twice […] If we do it, we have to do it right. And if we have nothing new to say, then we will see. Maybe we will skip it.”

Moreover, Winkelmann expressed doubt about hybridization in general for Audi’s in-house hot rodders.

“The legislator is pushing us into a direction,” he told Top Gear. “We are in the middle of a revolution, and at the time being, whatever we do, we jump short.”

Winkelmann said  that the technology isn’t quite to the point where he’d like it yet, complaining that emissions-reducing hybrid systems hamper technology too much, while performance-geared hybrid systems don’t really give cars any economy advantages.

“We have to see what is the right thing to do,” he concluded. “I would love to have a light hybridization, light in terms of weight.”

While Audi Sport sorts out the pluses and minuses hybridization, you can look forward to six new non-hybrid RS cars coming in the near future. Winklemann avoided revealing what those would be, but he did say that the brand will be hopping up more SUVs in the future.

[source: Top Gear]

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