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Will Audi’s e-tron SUV’s range match the Tesla Model X?

Will Audi’s e-tron SUV’s range match the Tesla Model X?

Tesla may soon get some competition from across the Pond when it comes to battery-electric SUV supremacy. Volkswagen’s Audi division is preparing an SUV sized between its Q5 and Q7. And the company is suggesting that the model’s single-charge range may challenge that of the Model X.

Audi’s battery-electric SUV

, which was first shown off in a concept version at the Frankfort Auto Show in 2015, may start sales as soon as next year. More importantly, the model could have a single-charge range of

more than 300 miles

, UK’s


says, citing an interview with Audi executive Dietmar Voggenreiter. Granted, that estimate is likely for Europe’s more generous NEDC cycle, which would put the range at closer to 250 miles by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Still, 250 miles would beat the 200-mile range of the base-model Tesla Model X and would be in spitting distance of the 100D model’s 295 miles.

What that means for US customers – price, on-sale date, and range – is unclear. Audi spokesperson Amelia Fine-Morrison, in an e-mail to Autoblog, said it was “too soon to confirm the details,” and that the automaker would disclose more information closer to the official launch date. Still, Audi has said it looks to have as much of 25 percent of its global offerings be electrified by 2025, so this will likely be a big step towards that goal.

Then there’s the question of how big the domestic market will be (not to mention how much the Audi SUV EV will cost). During the three months ended Dec. 31, 2016, Tesla delivered a quarterly-record 9,500 Model X vehicles, so there will obviously be high-end demand for an electric SUV from an established brand like Audi.

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