Watch: The RS7 Goes Head2Head with the Model S

Watch: The RS7 Goes Head2Head with the Model S

And loses. Or so the guys from Motor Trend will yell at you over the deafening NVH of the Tesla’s cabin.

In the latest episode of Motor Trend’s Head2Head, the 605 hp Audi RS7 Performance goes up against the Tesla Model S P100D, the fastest accelerating car in production history.

The review is a little uneven, with Jason Cammisa complaining about how far the RS7 can go and Jonny Lieberman complaining about how long it would take the Tesla to go the same distance. And then a 911 Turbo S races the Tesla for some reason.

But between minor gripes, the two do find reasons to compliment the Audi. For one, they love the interior and the quietude of the cabin, and the efficiency of the engine that can deactivate.

“In a vacuum that Audi RS7 could be the most incredible car ever made,” says Cammisa in conclusion, adding, though, that the Tesla must win, because future.

Granted, the P100D is an incredible car. As they point out in the video, it can accelerate to 60 as fast as it can stop from 60, which is the first time a production car has been able to manage that. But many of its flaws get overlooked because of that.

As incredible as the Tesla is, I’d never be able to turn down the gorgeous engine note of the RS7. But I guess that’s hardly surprising given the forum.

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May 3, 2017 at 04:00AM

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