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Watch the production 2019 Toyota Supra in motion

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said it was going to run the new



Goodwood Festival of Speed

, and it has made good on its promise. The 2019

Toyota Supra

sports car has indeed completed its run up the hill, which you can watch in the video above.

Besides finally seeing the production version of the Toyota Supra in motion, you’ll also notice that, yes, it’s still covered in a camouflage vinyl wrap. Apparently Toyota has plans for the full reveal at some other time. Since the car is slated for sale in the first half of next year, we know that at the very least, it will be shown at a

car show

this season. Exactly which show is not known. It could be as soon as the Paris show this fall, or as late as the New York show next spring.

Also unfortunate is that we can’t hear much from the car. It’s very quiet, so much so that it’s drowned out by much louder vehicles elsewhere on the


grounds. But we know it will have a turbocharged straight-6 under the hood shared with the


, and hopefully it will be rowdier up close than it seems at a distance. Other than that, the car looks pretty composed and flat through the track’s corners. We’re looking forward to eventually trying it ourselves sometime next year.

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