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Watch the 911 GT3 Crush its Nurburgring Record by 12+ Seconds

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It wasn’t even two months ago that Porsche’s GT Department head, Andreas Preuninger, mentioned how he and his team were no longer focused on lap-times.

"We are taking a lot of care about the driving emotion," said Preuninger, in an interview with Road & Track. "Not so much stubbornly, seriously, German-ly chasing lap time, lap time, lap time," he said with a mock stern voice. "At least, that’s not my intention anymore."

Fast forward to today, and it’s possible he spoke just a bit too soon as Porsche just sent us a press release titled, "7 minutes, 12.7 seconds: The 911 GT3 sets a new best time". The "best time" that title’s referring to? That’s the time it took the new 911 GT3 to get around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. For those that are keeping score, that’s 12.3 seconds faster than the time set by the previous model. Not bad for a car that only saw a 25 horsepower increase and no real weight reduction to speak of. Watch (and listen) for yourself in the video below.

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