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Watch Florida man try to break free from repo man’s tow truck

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Florida man is at it again, this time going one-on-one with a tow truck to prevent his


Super Duty from being repossessed. The video above speaks for itself (including some mild swearing), leaving both the Super Duty and the hauler that was towing it away substantially worse for wear. The incident took place this month in Homestead, Florida, and resulted in the arrest of Yohanys Lopez, the


‘s driver.

From what we can piece together from the

Orlando Sentinel



, Lopez was behind on payments on the F-250. He saw the truck pulling away and ran to catch up in order to retrieve a few personal items. The tow truck driver saw Lopez enter the F-250, so he parked his F-450 and approached Lopez. He also began filming the incident on his phone. Lopez fired up his truck and made an unsuccessful attempt to free it from the tow truck. As the rear wheels were already in the air, it was never going to end well.

If you notice, the F-450 never really fights back as there isn’t anyone behind the wheel. The F-250 is in four-wheel drive, so it does have a bit of pull from the front end. There are some gnarly snapping and grinding sounds as the F-250 struggles to free itself. The rear end of the truck is a hot mess by the end of the footage. The truck made it to the ground but couldn’t break free from the safety chains.

Police arrested Lopez soon after the video ended. He’s facing grand theft and criminal mischief charges.

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