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Watch: Audi R8 Laps Bathurst

Watch: Audi R8 Laps Bathurst

As someone who grew up on the side of the world where water drains clockwise, the legend of the Bathurst circuit was a distant and mysterious thing. This video, though, of an Audi R8 rounding the circuit in 2016 helps to give some idea of what the legends were about.

Audi had a mixed showing at this weekend’s 12 Hour GT3 enduro race, with some cars performing well, while other were forced out of the race due to incidents. Watching this video, its easy to see why 12 Hour race claimed so many cars.

It’s not just the speed or the tightness of the concrete barriers, but also the violence of the track that impresses. With all the topographical changes that happen throughout the lap and all the tight corners, the R8 bumps and bounds across the track, putting in a remarkably uneventful performance.

The whole video is an excellent reminder that although races aren’t as violent as they were in the ‘60s anymore, the people who get behind the wheels of howling race cars and run them at full speed through a around a tiny ribbon of tarmac are still the best kind of crazy.

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