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Watch adorable kitten get rescued from busy freeway

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An adorable orange kitten has a new home after a harrowing tale involving a rescue from the middle of a busy interstate freeway outside Kansas City, Mo.

Just how the cat got there remains a mystery. North Kansas City Police officer Jason Smith spotted the kitten pacing atop the median wall dividing north- and southbound Interstate 29 just before Christmas. Video from his body camera

released by ABC television affiliate KMBC

shows he pulled up short of the kitten’s location while he waited for backup to help calm traffic, then exited his vehicle, walked up to the kitten and scooped the highly agitated feline off the wall.

Curiously, the kitten, who has white paws and dark markings on its head and tail, had gravitated toward what appears to be a cartoonish costume hand mounted upright to the top of the divider wall, appearing to wave to traffic. Is it a clue to how the kitten got there? Or just a whimsical

objet d’art

from which the terrified kitten sought comfort? We may never know.

The kitten seemed to calm down quickly once safety ensconced inside the officer’s cruiser, at one point activating the siren as it explored the contours of the interior cabin. After a stay at a local animal shelter, Smith’s family adopted her. Her new name is Bella.

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