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Wanna Buy Adam Carolla’s Lambos?

Wanna Buy Adam Carolla’s Lambos?

Despite his name, Adam Carolla actually loves interesting cars and his collection is pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, it recently became a little too spectacular, and now the comedian has to sell a pair of Lamborghinis.

Carolla recently purchased Paul Newman’s Porsche 935 for $4.4 million. The price, according to Jalopnik, was above budget and to make up for it he’s selling a pair of Lamborghinis at the RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island auction next week.

The first Lambo is this gorgeous 1965 350 GT by Touring. Featured in a predictably nonsensical Gucci commercial (directed by James Franco, in case we hadn’t dropped enough names already), this unrestored beauty only has 37,300 carefully driven miles on the odometer.

One of only 120 built, the 350 GT was created by a dream team of Italian craftsmen, among them Giotto Bizzarini, Franco Scaglione, and Gian Paolo Dallara. As a result, the 350 GT is, to put it mildly, sought after. Pre-auction estimates are in the neighborhood of $600,000 to $750,000.

Carolla really emptied out his wallet, though, so along with the 350 GT, he’s also selling 1969 Islero 400 GT. Compared to 350, Isleros are positively common as the enormous sum 125 were built.

The Islero was the evolution of the 350 GT, and as a result was endowed with Lamborghini’s famous V12 engine.

Because of its comparative lack of rarity, though, the Islero is expected to go for less than the 350 GT. Just $250,000 to $300,000 should get you behind the wheel of this raging bull.

[source: Jalopnik]

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