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VW Group Focusing on Natural Gas Cars

VW Group Focusing on Natural Gas Cars

The Volkswagen Group is in talks with Exxon Mobil and Gazprom to promote natural gas powered cars.

Matthias Muller, VW’s CEO, told Austria’s ORF radio recently that the three companies were in discussions about the alternative fuel, characterizing it as another way to reduce CO2 emissions across the brand.

“We are now really trying to think out of the box and find solutions that can be helpful at least in this transition period of 10 to 20 years,” Mueller said.

Natural gas powered cars are nothing new, and arguably don’t save that much CO2, but Audi argues that its e-gas is a green alternative.

E-gas is Audi’s synthetic methane. It’s made using electrolyzers that break water down into its component parts. A methanation process then follows that binds the hydrogen to C02, which Audi then calls e-gas. Power for the entire process is generated from renewable sources.

“This offer is our next step in climate-neutral, long distance mobility,” said Dietmar Voggenreiter, Audi’s head of sales, in March. “Our promise to the customers is no compromises. The g-tron models are sporty, sophisticated and progressive – like every Audi. And with Audi e-gas they are also very climate-friendly on the road.”

[source: Automotive News]

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