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Vulcanus is a Mercedes-Benz Metris with a great name, better interior

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is best known for its long history of wild

sports cars

, including

the recent Nissan GT-R50

, a special anniversary edition of the Japanese sports car. But it does design work for all kinds of vehicles, and its latest is the van you see above. It’s called the Vulcanus, which is a fantastic name, right up there with the


Elgrand. It was designed as a new model for Xingchi Automobiles in China and is based on a

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

, specifically a V260L. We know the V-Class as

the Metris in the U.S.

, and it’s a utilitarian van in most cases, but Italdesign took the Vulcanus to

Maybach levels of luxury


The entire rear interior is basically a private jet on wheels. The two rear seats are housed in their own alcoves with touchscreens for infotainment, as well as a central screen with general information such as weather. The seats naturally can be reclined, and there’s more than enough room to go fully prone. The windows have thick shades that open and close electrically, and there’s plenty of ambient lighting to keep the cabin brightly lit at night or with the shades closed. On the left side of the van, there’s a third seat facing the rear, and there’s a fold-out table. It’s the perfect place to get some work done, or perhaps even have an intimate meal with a significant other. But Italdesign notes that the interior could be rearranged for the customer’s needs. Besides the luxurious seating, the interior is decked out with all the wood and leather you could possibly desire. It also has fingerprint verification, presumably for access to infotainment and such.

The obvious target market for this van: wealthy executives who want to be able to travel and work in luxury and comfort. Curiously, though, Italdesign mentions that it could very well be used as a family hauler. We assume they mean this with a different seating layout. But even then, it’s amazing to think of such an opulent machine being used to take kids to school. We certainly would have enjoyed a van like this as kids.

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