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Video: SSC Tuatara flexes and revs for the camera

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is not the only American car company in the 300-mph conversation. SSC North America is currently holding its finger up saying, “Hold up, don’t forget about us!” Its upcoming hypercar, the 1,750-horsepower Tuatara, was recently the focus of a walkaround video that included startup and revs of its 5.9-liter V8.

Youtube car videographer

WVM3 Dream Drives

recently hit the jackpot when he showed up to Miller Motor Cars in Greenwich, Connecticut. In addition to the scores of high-end

luxury sedans

and supercoupes, which included



Aston Martins

, a

Ferrari LaFerrari

, and the


Huayra “Scozia,” the Tuatara was in attendance. According to the videographer, this was the second preproduction prototype.

SSC reentered the performance conversation this year when it showed the Tuatara at the

Pebble Beach Concept Lawn

. It’s a car that was

first unveiled

back in 2011, but that was just a concept at the time, whereas this year’s car is a prototype with years of extra research and development. We’re skeptical of any boutique


, but the company’s history with the

Ultimate Aero

and the car’s specs pique interest.

SSC claims the Tuatara’s coefficient of drag is an astounding 0.279, compared to the

Koenigsegg Agera

‘s 0.33 and the


Chiron’s 0.36. Pushing it through the air is a twin-turbo 366-cubic-inch (5.9-liter) V8. SSC claims the Tuatara can make 1,750 horsepower on E85 flex fuel or 1,350 horsepower on premium 91 octane fuel. With a seven-speed “computerized manual,” and an 8,800 rpm redline, it should be an absolute screamer.

Regardless of whether the car will actually be able to

reach 300 mph

and claim the throne as the fastest production car in the world, the bodywork itself is a display of incredible engineering. Eat it up with your eyes in the video above.

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