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Vaughn Gitten Jr. drifts Ford Mustang around the whole Nurburgring

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It’s fun to watch loud drift cars annihilate tires. And what better way to make it more fun, than by giving one of those cars the roughly 13 miles of pavement that is the


to drift? That’s what



Vaughn Gittin Jr.

did with his 900-horsepower

2018 Ford Mustang

drift car.

Gittin does indeed drift pretty much the entire race track, with the exception being the vastly long straightaway. Each corner comes with colossal amounts of tire smoke and V8 roar. He even drifts the famous Caracciola-Karussell corner, but taking the shallower upper section, and hanging a tire into the steeply banked concrete portion. Gittin throws in a little 360-degree spin before entering an earlier corner, too.

The only unfortunate part of the video is that it’s been edited down to just a little more than 3 minutes. Many of the major corners are still shown, and it’s all chronological, but it would’ve been nice to see a less edited version of the run. Still, what’s here is fun to watch and is worth checking out.

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