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Top 8 Best Stanced Audis

Top 8 Best Stanced Audis

The term “stance” reflects not just a trend people follow, but to some, an art-form. That’s just what Christoffer Geiro did on his A4. Taking pieces from several different vehicles, including a B8, S5, and even Volvo V70, Geiro managed to create a completely original, and downright beautiful, Audi A4.

The Java brown paint is flawless, with subtle pinstripes seen on the trunk and wheel wells. Work Schewert SC2 19×10.5″ (yea you read that right) wheels sit snuggly tucked under the chassis, which uses a German Airride V1 system for complete ride adjustability. The interior is bombarded with custom leather designs, a professional sound system, and even an aluminum roll cage. 

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March 23, 2017 at 12:08PM

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