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This Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake is a masterpiece in pink

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Customizing the exterior colors and styling of a car can be boiled down to a general choice: Go with a low-key classic look or take an outlandish approach that makes the car more exclusive. At least one

Aston Martin Vanquish

Zagato owner went down the latter route and chose a bright pink paint job for their shooting brake.

Brought to our attention by


, the car popped up on President and Group CEO

Aston Martin

Lagonda Ltd Andy Palmer’s Instagram. “

My Friday factory walk (Gemba) and I came across this beautiful Zagato Shooting Brake about to be shipped,” he said on the post. “It’s certainly going to stand out for a lucky customer.”

Stand out, it will. The pink paint, with black wheels and gold accents, adds a new element of uniqueness to the car. As an Aston Martin, it was already a premium

sports car

. The Zagato treatment makes it even more rare, as does the gorgeous shooting brake bodywork. For some people, that’s enough. For others, that the car alone doesn’t fully display their character and personality.

This is the second time the


Zagatos have come up in the news in the past week. A different owner chose the classic Villa d’Este paint scheme, but went all out and bought

one of each of the Zagato styles

. Regardless of which style you prefer, this pink Aston proves one thing: this Zagato looks good in any color.

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