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The Longest Racetrack in the World is Being Built in America

The Longest Racetrack in the World is Being Built in America

John Morris has big plans for Spring Mountain Resort & Country Club.

Located in Pahrump, Nevada, Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is slowly becoming the destination for racing enthusiasts. Its owner, John Morris, acquired it in 2004 when it was just a 2.2-mile racetrack. Since then, Morris has transformed it into a luxurious resort that one of its club members calls “an adult Disneyland.” Morris is a semiretired internet entrepreneur and initially thought it would be fun to own a racetrack. Now it’s becoming so much more, as he intends to make it the world’s longest racetrack in the coming years.

Last year, Morris paid an undisclosed sum to purchase 150 acres of land on the track’s west side and will soon lease more land from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Once he has the land from the bureau, the resort will encompass 900 acres and house the longest racetrack in the world.

The world famous Nurburgring is currently the longest racetrack at 13.1 miles. But when Morris is done building out his dream, Spring Mountain will have a track at least 15 miles long. And those paying to become members of the club will have access to much more than just that. Morris plans on transforming Spring Mountain into its own city with luxury homes on 200 trackside lots, a hotel, restaurants, theaters, a car wash, a coffee shop, a water treatment plant and likely more things he hasn’t even thought of yet.

And that doesn’t even include what’s there now, like an 18-million-gallon lake Morris built in 2014, where visitors can enjoy stand-up paddleboarding. There’s also an indoor shooting range and a landing area for jets that doubles as a drag racing strip.

The club is currently home to Corvette’s driving school and Cadillac recently opened its performance academy on the grounds. According to Bloomberg, members pay $45,000 to join and $5,000 a year in dues but that’s hardly the start. From there, they purchase race tracks and lots of land for private homes. One member even purchased eight cars and a lot of his first day of membership.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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