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The Grand Tour confirmed for Season 4 and ‘years to come’

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The Grand Tour

is set to be on Prime Video for years to come, but it will be different, with Jeremy, Richard and James exclusively working on

road trip


That means no more tent, no more track tests, no more not-Stig driving by Old Lady’s House, no more celebrity interviews and no more news segment. Information on how many shows they’ll make per season wasn’t released, but it will certainly be fewer than the last couple seasons. There was also some confusion online about what the show would look like thanks to an article by

The Sun

, but Jeremy took to Twitter this morning to clear most of that up. Here’s what he said:

First off, it’s great to see the show is actually going to continue. There were unsubstantiated


awhile back that pegged the show for cancellation after the third season. Those were obviously off-base, and now we’re going to get a show that exclusively consists of the most widely popular segment. Clarkson reportedly justified the switchover with this statement after wrapping up filming for season three: “There are only so many times you can watch a


go round the track … it’s the end of an era.”

As of now we know a fourth season is on its way, and it’s bound to be just as extravagant as the last one, as Clarkson declared that “Marvel will be jealous of our budgets.” Amazon reportedly spent as much as $5 million per episode for the past couple seasons, so we imagine that will continue. In addition to the presenters coming back, producer Andy Wilman is signed on for the future as well. Look out for the first episode of season three on Jan. 18, which will still feature the tent and current format. You can watch the trailer for this coming season


for a preview of what’s to come.

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