Tesla is hand-delivering the Model 3 to speed up sales

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is determined to move

as many EVs as it can

before its summer quarter is over, and that includes saving you from even a short trip to get your vehicle.




that the company just launched a “door-to-door” Tesla Direct service bringing the

Model 3

directly to customers, and not just those near the automaker’s Fremont factory. Customers in Los Angeles (and possibly other areas) are receiving emails offering to deliver cars directly to their homes and offices for free — helpful if you’d rather not take time off or plan a trip to get your new ride.

The service is billed as operating on a “first come, first serve basis.” While emails talk about the service running through the weekend, it’s poised to stay through at least the next week. Whether or not it continues beyond that isn’t certain, although

Elon Musk

reportedly approved of a factory delivery program after testing it himself in July.

This follows after Tesla temporarily brought back its

free Supercharging offer

for referred purchases of Model 3 Performance,

Model S


Model X

inventory cars (that is, ones that aren’t tied to specific orders) before the end of September.

It may seem odd to task staff with driving cars when they could be making sales pitches or staying put at delivery centers, but it makes sense in light of the “delivery logistics hell” (as

Elon Musk put it

) Tesla is facing. The sheer volume of customer deliveries is already creating a glut at Tesla’s locations — it may be more efficient to bring


to people instead of making them jockey for attention with other soon-to-be owners.

Reporting by Jon Fingas for Engadget


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