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Suzuki Jimny pickup concept heading to Tokyo Auto Salon

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Some of the best news this year is coming at the tail end of 2018.


Jimny is already pretty awesome, but for the upcoming 2019

Tokyo Auto Salon

, Suzuki is preparing something quite special for its little off-roader: a Jimny pickup!

Suzuki based the concept on the Sierra trim level. The truck is designed to be an active sidekick for customers who need the convenience of a pickup for either DIY stuff or adventuring. The retro style is immensely cool: gold bodywork, wood sides, different grille, light bar, white roof and matching white wheels with chromed hubcaps — the entire thing is like a 1970s Suzuki


parts catalogue applied to a new Jimny. The cab has been shortened to ditch the rear seats, and a short bed has been tacked on without lengthening the wheelbase. If you ask us, the wheelbase even looks shorter than stock.

Accompanying the pickup is a “Survive” concept that looks ready for adventuring. The stock bumpers have been replaced with sturdy metal ones that improve the approach and departure angle. There’s also an external rollover cage, a winch, custom wheels and some Defender-style aluminum diamond plate. Suzuki says the Jimny Survive has been outfitted for traversing “severe nature” under extreme conditions. We’d happily take both of these mountaineering or even for a weekend trip to the cottage.

While both of these trucks are obviously concepts, they show the direction where a Jimny owner could feasibly take their truck. And since some earlier generation Jimnys have been available as pickups, it’s not totally improbable to imagine a production Jimny pickup somewhere in the next decade. Here’s hoping.

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