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Somewhere in Time: Driving Magnus Walker’s 964

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Even Magnus has a hard time putting a name on his latest creation. Where his last Outlaw 911 was fairly traditional in many respects, the new Porsche is anything but. According to Magnus this 964 is his most performance-oriented build yet, though it isn’t fully updated or backdated. Touches throughout the car evoke legendary Porsches past and present. The bodywork is fundamentally 964, but the taillights are pure S/T. The carpets are old school, square-weave 356 items. The roof is channeled like the current GT3 RS and the effect continues through the ’79 Turbo rear wing. The rain gutters have been shaved clean off. Everywhere you look, his new 964 is laden with cool touches.

The good folks at Speedhunters did a wonderful spread on this car, showcasing many of the details. What is it like to drive then? This narrow body 964 is hunkered down over K&W Clubsport suspension, Brembo club race brakes, and fitted with Magnus’ Fifteen52 Outlaw wheels. According to the host, the car is set just a bit too low for truly aggressive driving, but the rest is the best of classic 911s. Steering feel is said to be excellent, and the narrow body and associated narrow wheels and tires allow the Porsche to move around a bit- always a desirable trait in a fun street car.

For the full effect, we urge you to watch the video. Looking at pictures is one thing, but seeing and hearing the 964 in motion is quite another.

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