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Report: Lamborghini Urus spells it ‘Lanborghini’

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was too busy

making shoes

. Maybe it was spending too much time on

social media

. Or maybe it was spending too much time

reminiscing about the past

. But somewhere along the way, a Lamborghini owner says, somebody accidentally typed “n” instead of “m,” spelling “Lanborghini” on the


infotainment screen.

Based on a report from


, the misspelling on one of


‘s Urus screens was the first domino in a slew of electrical issues on the $200,000-plus performance SUV.

The owner took the SUV into the shop to fix the misspelling, but numerous issues continued to pop up after the appointment. The Urus rear hatch no longer opens with foot motion, the rear courtesy lights no longer work, and Apple CarPlay doesn’t work with WiFi, among other problems. The


reportedly offered to give the owner a brand new Urus to resolve the issue, according to this account, but he turned it down.

It is expected that brand-new models will have issues during first runs, but it is nonetheless unfortunate to see these types of problems show up on a car that costs so much money and commands a high standard.

Are any of the small handful of Urus owners out there reading this? If so, do you have a “Lanborghini” lurking in your infotainment system?

from Autoblog