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Qolo removes the ‘chair’ from ‘wheelchair’

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Removing the “chair” from “wheelchair.” Qolo (quality of life with locomotion) is a mobile exoskeleton on wheels. Its aim is to help users to sit or stand with ease.

The Qolo standing device consists of a lightweight, mobile exoskeleton on wheels. Which uses passive actuators to allow users to sit or stand. Mobility is controlled using the upper body, for hands-free operation.

“Our device gives users the choice to sit or stand, using cutting edge technologies. This means that wheelchair users can interact with other people at the same eye-level, improving communication and changing the way they see the world…” – Kenji


, Team Qolo. Qolo is one of five finalists for the


mobility foundation’s $4M mobility unlimited challenge. The five finalists were announced at ces 2019. Team Qolo is from the university of Tsukuba, Japan.

from Autoblog