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Porsche 993 Turbo vs. Ferrari 512TR: Battle of the 1990s Icons

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If you’re tuning in here, the results of this "versus" video may surprise you. Doug DeMuro pits the first Porsche Turbo that doesn’t have a chip on its shoulder against one of the last Ferraris powered by a Boxer twelve. These two 1990s legends really couldn’t be more different. Doug highlights a lot of things we already know- the Porsche is impeccably built, where the Ferrari is flimsy. The Porsche has intuitive ergonomics, the Ferrari’s interior controls are arranged haphazardly. This doesn’t tell the whole story, however.

The 993 was the first Porsche Turbo with all wheel drive, and followed the slightly infamous 964 Turbo. Though it retained its predecessors compact dimensions, the 993 Turbo was fairly docile compared to its predecessors. Doug described the 993 Turbo as being the perfect version of the perfect 911. While he noted that it was remarkably quiet and civilized, his facial expressions while inside the car say a lot about the experience.

As much as we love the 993, you have to respect a car as willfully bonkers as the 512TR. No one but Ferrari could build such a magnificent engine, and install it in a car without space for humans or time for common sense. Who needs a radio, easy clutch or sensible controls? Not a Ferrari driver, apparently.

We’ve put the money on the table, and our biases are apparent right in the header of this website. Doug appeared to enjoy the Ferrari more than the Porsche, despite its faults. Of these two which would you choose? Would you prefer a different Porsche Turbo, perhaps? Let us know in the comments.

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