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Porsche 911: A Born Love

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Joe Campbell had two toy cars growing up; a Ford GT40 and a Porsche 911. Seeing the two toy cars in his hand many years on, it’s immediately clear that both have a lot of hard miles. The love affair didn’t end when Joe stopped pushing his die-casts through the carpet as a child. When Joe finished medical school and his residency in the late 1980s, his first purchase "of any consequence" was a 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa.

Dr. Joe Campbell's Porsche 911 and Ford GT40 toy cars

Nearly thirty years on, Joe still has his 911. The odometer shows a little over 51k miles. The paint is original. The original 15" wheels have given way to OEM 16" wheels, and the original steering wheel has been replaced by one from a 930. Apart from that, Joe’s 911 is pretty much as it was when he got it. To Joe, you’re either born with the love for cars or you’re not. This love really shows in how he cares for a car that’s been with him for three decades.

Joe’s 911 is not alone in his garage. These days the Targa is joined by a silver Ford GT, appropriately enough. It seems though that Joe’s love for his 911 is bound to last a lifetime.

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