Why is my Pa state inspection so expensive?

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Why is my state inspection so expensive?


Pa State inspection and Emissions Testing Cost Break Down


  • Emissions testing machine $7500
  • Dedicated Verizon phone line $120 per month and $1.69 each time the machine contacts the state.
  • Actual Sticker cost $6.00 (state increases cost $1.00 per year)
  • Technician Labor cost 1/2 hour per inspection varies from $18 to $30
  • Technician Labor cost 1/2 hour per  emissions  varies from $18 to $30
  • $10,000 insurance bond (state mandated)


Most shops and dealerships inspection and emissions cost is approx one  hour of their labor rate which is between $100 and $165 per hour.

We charge $40 for each test and at that price we basically break even on the cost.  We can do that because we don’t have the large overhead the dealers have and can pass the savings on to our customers.  

Most of the local dealers I called for prices charge between $125 and $145 for Pa inspection and emissions.

 Just remember most dealers pay their technicians flat rate and their service writers commission so they are getting paid to look for extra work.  That is how they get paid and when it is slow they need to look extra hard for that work you will also need in the near future.

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