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Our Favorite Porsches on eBay: Volume 79

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We’ve been compiling some amazing Porsche models on eBay for over two years now, and we’ve seen some pretty astonishing cars pop up now and again. This week’s mix is should have a little something for everyone. Keep in mind, some of these Porsches could be great collection investments, while others might prove to do more financial harm than good.

1. 2000 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe For Sale

This 2000 Porsche 996 has seen an extensive amount of work put into it for both performance and looks. Upgrades include a full GT3 Carbon fiber body kit with rear wing, front wing and side skirts, 18" German Roock Wheels and a supercharger that pushes the engine to a claimed 425 horsepower. Like any used Porsche, especially a heavily modified one, a PPI is a must. However, if it checks out, this could be an interesting way to get Turbo performance at a normally aspirated price.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

2. 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo For Sale

There’s something about the Maroon paint and gunmetal wheels on this 993 Turbo that just works for me. The listing itself doesn’t provide a ton of information so "caveat emptor" and all that. I would want to know history on the car (I’m always suspect when a seller doesn’t provide the CarFax for free as part of the listing), have a PPI done and find out what’s available for service history. If everything checks out, this 993 Turbo has low enough miles that it could easily be a "collector". However, don’t do that, just drive it!

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

3. 2006 Porsche Cayman S For Sale

It looks like first generation Caymans are becoming the new 996s in terms of depreciation. Right now, prices are at a point where these are starting to look like a really good buy for those interested. While this particular model might be a Tiptronic, I wouldn’t count it out just for that. It’s loaded up with options, the Speed Yellow paint and black leather interior appear to be in good shape and the 18" Aluminum wheels just add to the overall appeal.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

4. 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo Coupe For Sale

If you’ve always wanted a 993 Cabriolet but didn’t quite have the bankroll, this might just be the Porsche for you. I’m never usually a fan of these conversions, but in this instance it seems to have been done right. What started as a 1983 911 SC has been re-bodied with a high-strength lightweight 993 carbon fiber body. It’s a bit strange seeing the older interior styling with the more modern, wide hipped 993 body, but it’s not terrible. The seller claims the engine to be strong, and matching with both the original transmission and car. Depending on the seller’s expectations and where bidding ends up, this could be a great buy.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

5. 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 For Sale

I’m just amazed at the rise in values/pricing on 914s. Take this example for instance, it’s a 1974 2.0 showing 12,838 miles on the odometer (seller doesn’t mention if they are original or not). Coming out of an estate sale, this 914 is said to have undergone a complete restoration in 2013 and is painted in its original Alaska Blue Metallic paint. There’s a lot to like about this 914, I’m just not sure if this level of pricing can be sustained. Let’s see if this one sell or not.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

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