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One Take: Matt Farah Drives a ~300 Horsepower 944 Turbo

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I thought I was brave buying my 944S two hours from home and driving it back the same day. Sam, the owner of the 944 Turbo featured in the latest One Take, found his car on Craigslist in Madison, Wisconsin. He and his 7-months pregnant wife flew out to Madison and drove it home to Southern California. Sam deserves a pat on the back, but his wife may deserve a medal. The 944 Turbo is a strong performer which has always been overshadowed by its big brother, and derided for not being a real Porsche. Well cared for examples like Sam’s ~300hp K27-fed car should help the model’s reputation some 30-years on.

Sam enjoys taking his 944 Turbo to the track, and notes that the car does well at Big Willow. The model’s inherent stability and rather slow steering rack make it well suited to more open tracks. Farah, who admits to being a little put off by older cars, finds a lot to like about the 944. This particular example’s extra grunt likely helped his opinion.

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