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On the road in Rod Emory’s 991 GT3 RS

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It’s odd to think of a Magnus Walker car as owing anything to a modern, watercooled Porsche. Placed side by side, Magnus’ latest 964 owes a lot to the 991 GT3 RS. The two cars share their double-bubble roof and radiused fender louvers, along with unique RS-specification powerplants. Magnus’ 964 may owe even more to the 991 in this video, as this particular 991 belongs to renowned Porsche outlaw builder Rod Emory. Many of the GT3 RS-mimicking touches on Magnus’s car were brought to life by Emory himself.

Oddly, both the host and the professional racing driver featured in the video found fault with the GT3 RS. Both complained that the 991 GT3 RS didn’t feel special enough compared to the standard GT3. Both felt that on its own the RS was outstanding, but its margin of superiority wasn’t enough to justify the cost. For those of us looking at new Porsches, this is a moot point. The non-RS GT3 left the Porsche lineup last year, leaving the RS as the only GT3 in Porsche’s lineup.

356 and 991 GT3 RS

These quibbles aside, the video is beautifully shot, and features some great footage of Rod Emory’s shop in action. For those of us with our hearts firmly in the past, simply seeing a GT3 RS on the road alongside a split window 356 makes this video well worth the watch.

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