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Nissan recalls over 215,000 crossovers and sedans for fire risk

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has a recall notice out for over 215,000 cars and SUVs in the U.S. due to a fire risk. At fault is an anti-lock brake pump seal that could break. If the seal is bad, brake fluid could leak onto the electronic circuit board, causing a malfunction.


says that if this happens, the ABS warning lamp will turn on, and stay on. This is your cue to stop driving, because continued operation could lead to a brake fluid induced electrical short, which in turn has a chance at causing a fire.

Here is the list of the cars affected by this recall: 2017-2018

Nissan Pathfinder

; 2016-2017

Nissan Maxima

; 2015-2017

Nissan Murano

; and 2017

Infiniti QX60

. Not every vehicle within that time range is at risk, but if you see the ABS light on in your instrument cluster for more than 10 seconds after the engine starts, park the car outdoors and away from other vehicles and structures, and don’t drive it.

We’d suggest that you heed this advice. Anytime there’s a fire risk, it’s best to take as many precautions as you can. Nissan will be notifying owners of affected cars soon, then replacing their ABS actuators at the



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