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Nissan Juke snowmobile heading to Tokyo Auto Salon with more outlandish style than before

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is coming to the

Tokyo Auto Salon

with its second


snowmobile conversion. Yep, one already exists, but doesn’t the Juke just beg to have tracks fitted to it? We jest, but this one sure looks a lot more extreme than the last one. The old one from 2015 was called

the Nismo RSnow

, and was entirely stock besides the tracks.

This time around, Nissan added massive fender flares, a huge roof rack and bright green accents that will make sure it stands out at your local snowmobile meet. An LED light bar sits atop the roof rack for any night excursions you might have with your Juke. Nissan calls the contraption, the Juke Personalization Adventure Concept. Powertrain details are not available yet, but the previous Juke snowmobile made do with a stock engine and transmission. At the very least, the old model was based on the Juke Nismo RS, so it did have a 215-horsepower engine instead of the standard Juke’s 188 horsepower. We don’t imagine Nissan would care to upgrade this one anymore than before. It’s unlikely Nissan ever shows this wild vehicle in the U.S., since the Juke is

officially cancelled

for America. Maybe Nissan will do a tracked


for us?

Nissan X-Trail

One other reveal for Nissan at the Tokyo show is a custom X-Trail, which goes by the Rogue name in America, done up in gold and black. There isn’t anything special beyond the appearance, making the Juke the most interesting new


concept vehicle

at the show. Snowmobile car conversions by manufacturers are more common than it might seem. Nissan actually just recently let us

take a spin in its 370Zki

convertible snowmobile with skis up front.

GMC made a Sierra

with tracks, and there’s an

old Raptor

along the same lines too. In fact, there might be enough of these things for a proper car snowmobile test …

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