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Newest One Take Has Matt Farah Driving a Modified 997.1 GT3

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The cold hard truth is that unless you belong to a group of friends with a hugely diverse number of cars, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get to drive as many different Porsches as Matt Farah. That’s what I like so much about his "One Take" series. It’s a chance for the rest of us to get some virtual seat time in almost every Porsche ever built, stock/production or modified. This week’s "One Take" has Matt piloting a 997.1 GT3 with some minor modifications (SharkWerks Bypass, Endless Brakepads and Fluid, Cup Car Tow Links). The GT3 itself is well spec’d and the current owner used to drive a 997 Turbo prior to his GT3 purchase. Watch as Matt puts the GT3 through its paces and get a better idea if a 997.1 GT3 is right for you.

*Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about the advertisement embedded in the video. It’s good to see that Matt approaches his new sponsor with a sense of humor…

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