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NBA sneakerhead P.J. Tucker has Rolls-Royce Jordan 3s that match his Cullinan

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There aren’t many sneakers that 33-year-old Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker does not own. The only sneakers he hasn’t gotten his hands on are likely rare grails normal people have never even heard of. His collection

surpasses 2200 shoes

, and

he spent more than $200,000 on sneakers

just during the 2017-2018 season. For sneaker fanatics, nearly every time he steps on the court is a throwback to a moment in shoe history or the creation of a new one. Tucker


Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God Nike collaboration. He wore Stewie Griffin-themed Nike LeBron 6s that are valued at about $20,000 on Christmas day. Highly sought-after Nike Off-Whites are like Converse Chucks to him.

So, what can you gift the sneakerhead who has everything? Houston-based Post Oak Motors knew it couldn’t just gift any old pair of kicks from Flight Club, so the


commissioned a pair of Rolls-Royce-themed Air Jordan 3s to match the


Cullinan that Tucker had recently purchased.

The custom kicks were crafted by Jake Danklefs and his crew at

Dank & Co.

As shown in his Instagram post below, they were made to mirror the color scheme of the Cullinan Tucker ordered, which has white paint over a red interior. From afar, they look pretty similar to the Pure White Jordan 3 retros, but the details set it far apart from that general release shoe.

Aside from the red guts and icey translucent outsole, the shoe is made entirely of various textures and hues of white. It has gloss, it has matte leather, it has alligator print, and it has a secondary reptile print. It all comes together with the double-R Rolls-Royce logo on the tongue.

Tucker likes his cars, too. In addition to his Cullinan, he’s flashed on Instagram a Miami Blue AWT Motorsports

Porsche 911

, a

Rolls-Royce Phantom

, a

Lamborghini Aventador

Roadster, and a

Ferrari 488 Spider

. He even has a photo of him with an old gold

Nissan Maxima

similar to the one his mom bought him for his first car when he was 14 years old.

To some, this kind of sneaker obsession might seem frivolous or silly, but who are we to speak? We’re car nerds, possibly the most money-sucking hobby there is.

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