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McLaren shows off personalization options for the Speedtail

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The entire


Speedtail production run has been spoken for, and McLaren wants to make sure no two Speedtails are exactly the same. A wide range of personalization options is offered to the 106 clients that have put down a deposit for the upcoming “Hyper-GT,” and McLaren has now disclosed how it plans to make the cars unique. The 250-mph 1050-horsepower gasoline-hybrid cars will be available from early 2020 on, so there’s a year’s time to configure them according to one’s taste. The


maker has recently showed off

some of its special editions

, and the Speedtail configuration options follow in the same exquisite vein.

First of all, there are three style collections, which themselves have been divided into different themes depending of the customer’s needs. The main collections are called Urbane, Visionary and Dynamic: the first of them is a subdued and sophisticated setting, the second a more striking and vibrant one, and the third a more futuristic one. The Urbane trim level includes the Stratosphere theme that shows off the car in “gloss 1k visual carbon fiber,” the highlights of which are accentuated by a “contour pack” and anodized aluminum brightwork.

The Visionary trim’s Astral theme mainly features navy blue in various ways, contrasting with the car’s silver-striped orange bodywork, again complete with glossy carbon fiber but now with white gold. As for the Dynamic collection, it can be tied in with the Bloodline theme, which combines a red car with a red driver seat but with aniline passenger seats, highlighting the central throne.

There are countless ways to option the 106 cars’ surfaces and features, especially when McLaren’s MSO division is added to the table. McLaren also reminds that there are options such as electro-chromatic window tints that function as sun visors, or that one can add more carbon or white gold if desired.

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