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Maserati hand-painted tricolor stripe shows Italian pride — for a price

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Italy has gone through a rough time with the coronavirus, but now the country is emerging from the worst of it and is experiencing a renewed sense of national pride. Rome’s famous Colosseum is illuminated in the green, white and red of the Italian flag, and Maserati is getting into the spirit as well. The company is offering a narrow tri-color stripe in the same green-white-red on the hood and roof of new Maseratis.

Waving the proverbial Italian flag with your Maserati doesn’t come cheap, however. The option is $5,000, although we should point out that it is hand-painted. The stripe is available on a small number of 2020 model year Levantes and Ghiblis exclusively in conjunction with the Nero Ribelle (metallic black) body color. We’re told the special stripe will be offered more widely as a special-order option for 2021, where it can also be paired with other body colors. Pricing for the 2021 model year has not been released.

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