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Man doing doughnuts crashes newly purchased car

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A man in Riverside, Ohio, apparently didn’t catch the latest Hagerty list of up-and-coming collector cars. Rather than drive his newly purchased Pontiac G8 straight home for its coronation as a garage queen with an appreciating price, he drove it straight from closing the deal to a parking lot to do some doughnuts. With his kids aboard.

In the process, he knocked down a power pole, smashed up the G8 and put himself and his children in the hospital. One was younger, and one was high-school age, so this turned out to be a what-not-to-do driving lesson.

Police tell the Dayton Daily News the man lost control in a snowy parking lot of a former Kmart in Riverside Wednesday afternoon.

The man and his kids were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. The pole he knocked down carried live electrical lines, so this could have ended much worse.

Police say the man will be cited for reckless driving.

The good news is that for those of you with a Pontiac G8, it just got rarer. Alert Hagerty’s.

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