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Looking for the best towel to dry your car?

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Looking for the best towel to dry your car after a wash? There are an unending amount of options online. We’ll narrow the field with our favorites.

Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet – $11.06

A tried and true standby. Meguiar’s is revered by detailers everywhere.

Zwipes Auto Waffle Weave – $11.33

Comes in a 2-pack. The waffle weave design expands to absorb more water.

CarCarez Premium Microfiber Towels – $16.69

These come in a 6-pack and use premium 450 gsm microfiber making them super soft.

iTavah Car Detailing Towels – $16.49

Made with 840gsm microfiber, these towels are super absorbant and ultra thick.

AMMO Drive + Protect MF Towels – $15.00

A 6-pack of 14″ x 24″ towels. Made with 325+ gsm microfiber.

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. What towels do you use to wipe down your ride after a wash?

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