Looking for the best auto emergency kit?

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Looking for the best emergency kit for your car? Here are a handful of Autoblog’s favorites.

Always Prepared Roadside Emergency – $39.99

Includes items like a heavy-duty tow rope, a window breaker, and an accident report form.

Kolo Sports Premium Auto Emergency Kit – $42.79

This kit claims to be helpful in any emergency from “bee stings to car crashes to hurricanes.”

AAA 68-Piece Destination Road Kit – $57.33

This kit comes with the essentials plus a headlamp, warning triangle, & tire inflator.

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance – $36.20

Includes a safety vest, first aid kit, and jumper cables, and it’s even

Top Gear


You don’t have to be expecting the worst to benefit from a kit like this. It’s great to have one for even minor emergencies. Tell us about a time your roadside emergency kit helped you out in a pinch.

from Autoblog https://ift.tt/2xDKlOo