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2019 Toyota Supra

has been teased a lot, but this video might be the coolest one yet. We get to clearly hear the sound of the turbocharged inline-six engine it’s packing. Granted, the engine is a


unit, but it sounds a bit different compared to the one in the

new Z4

. In trying to compare to the limited number of exhaust and engine videos found online, the


engine sounds a bit more shrieky and high pitched in the upper rpms.


claimed previously that it handled all powertrain tuning in-house — all BMW did was supply the hardware.

Once again, Toyota is


what the car looks like. We wouldn’t expect them to do anything else, but we already have a great idea of what we’ll be looking at come Detroit. The

front end leaked

in a photo the other day, and there are

enough shots of it

in camouflage to understand the general shape and style. This video does show one interior shot that hints at a digital instrument cluster display. Plenty of manufacturers are going the digital route, but Toyota doesn’t always hop on the tech bandwagons this early. We’re guessing it has everything to do with the fact that BMW used a digital instrument cluster on the



car shares

so much with.

Nothing else about the video is particularly revealing. We knew the inline six was going to sound glorious, and it most certainly does. In

BMW guise

, the 3.0-liter makes 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. This allows for a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds, pretty normal for a

sports car

these days. All the requisite burbles and pops are accounted for in the video. Next up is hearing the sweet inline six pull it

onto the show floor

at the

Detroit Auto Show

this January.

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