Lexus LC Convertible might be revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

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reportedly has plans to reveal a Lexus LC


at this year’s

Goodwood Festival of Speed

. The news comes from a


report, citing multiple, anonymous Lexus sources. One is right to be skeptical, but an

LC Convertible

seems extremely likely after seeing the concept revealed at the

Detroit Auto Show

at the beginning of the year.

We liked what we saw back in January, and the “concept” looked nearly production ready. Lexus hinted a production version may be on the way, and it looks like we might see the delivery of that car come early July. The Goodwood Festival of Speed runs July 4-7, so expect a debut during that time period.


concept car

was missing a roof, but we imagine Lexus will be fitting a space saving soft top for the production car. Space is limited in the LC500’s small trunk, and a bulky hard top would just about kill it entirely. However, the gorgeous lines of the LC500 will most likely suffer from such a top — it’s pretty much impossible to replicate the coupe’s sweet lines and styling with a fabric top.

The idea of an LC Convertible is sound, though. It makes sense for Lexus to take advantage of the beautiful and exotic design of the LC500 for more models, especially as


dives head first into this arena with multiple

flavors of 8 Series

. As convertibles typically are, we’ll expect this one to be more expensive and slower than the coupe. The LC500 starts at $93,325, including the $1,025 destination charge. Lexus says acceleration to 60 mph with the 5.0-liter V8 takes 4.4 seconds. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a price tag arching over $100,000 and a couple tenths knocked off that 0-60 mph time with an inevitably heavier car.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is as good a place as any to reveal something like an LC Convertible. We’ll be on the grounds in England when the time comes, so check back to see if Lexus decides to pull the covers off in a few weeks.

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