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Lamborghini’s SUV is Finally Heading to Production

Lamborghini’s SUV is Finally Heading to Production

We have been hearing about a new Lamborghini SUV for years now and finally we have more information on when it will launch.

It has been nearly five years since Lamborghini previewed the Urus SUV with a concept, and now CEO Stefano Domenicali has not only confirmed its name but that production will begin in April. In an interview with Digital Trends, Domenicali shared that although production for the Urus will begin in a couple months, it will initially build pre-production units. The Italian automaker acknowledges that building an SUV “is an entirely new process so the first few cars will be prototypes.”

He also said that we will learn a lot of things in the next couple of weeks, suggesting the Lamborghini Urus may make an appearance at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

As for when we can see it at the dealerships, it likely won’t be this year. Domenicali gave details on the process and how Lamborghini is moving cautiously into the new market. “It’s easy just to remember the number 7,000, but we need to prepare the after-sales network and the dealers; they need to know the car,” he said. “The first cars will also be used to train people. It’s a matrix of complexity that, for our dimension, is a big, big step. I believe that we have all the potential to do a fantastic job, but it’s also my duty and responsibility to keep everyone very focused. Everything has to be perfect when the car lands on the market. It will be a new market, and new customers.”

He did say the Urus will be off-road capable with specific setups for ice, snow, stones and sand. He also confirmed that hybrids will eventually become a part of the Lamborghini brand, confirming the Urus will be the first hybrid to market.

[Source: Digital Trends]

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