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Is it Possible to Use Your Porsche to Play Doom?

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"All you need is a copy of the original Doom game, your Porsche 911 and a flash drive." Bold words from the man who has demonstrated that you can play Doom using toasters. This clever mod appears to offer all new levels of distracted driving, as the control inputs from the throttle, brake and shifter are used to play the game. According to the video host all of this is possible because new cars spend so much time in simulators, that the whole car behaves like a regular computer writ large. While we don’t condone driving while gaming, the premise is too entertaining to ignore.

While it is possible to run Doom on virtually anything, including printers, calculators, and ATMs, it does not appear that this video’s premise is even remotely possible. Putting the 991’s Infotainment system into debug mode is not as simple as plugging in a USB stick with the car’s VIN number, and virtually no Doom port is as simple as sticking the disc in the nearest drive.

We would like to commend Vexal for his clever staging, video editing and timing(and for apparently fooling Sploid into thinking his method worked). Whether using your 911 as a videogame controller is possible or not, Vexal got a hearty chuckle out of us.

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