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Introducing the Emory Outlaw Tracker

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No, it’s not a Porsche. No, it’s not even a car. Rod Emory’s latest project is a collaboration with Vintage Electric; a bicycle company. As Rod puts it, Vintage Electric approaches bicycles the way he approaches Porsches. Both are Outlaws in their own way. Vintage Electric has collaborated with icons of the automotive industry before, in the form of the E-Flyer currently offered by Jonathan Ward’s Icon 4×4. Rod Emory’s permutation of the bike is based on the company’s Tracker model, and features a metal headlight grille and leather details to evoke the hood straps often seen on Rod’s builds.

Function and Form

The Outlaw Tracker has some pretty impressive specifications, including a 36MPH top speed in race mode (off-road only). In Street Mode the bike is good for 20MPH and a 35-mile range. The frame is hydroformed aluminum, and the front-end features an inverted suspension fork. The whole thing is finished in Rod Emory’s signature "Carrera Silver," and is adorned with the iconic Pegasus graphic. Braking is by discs front and rear.

Like current Porsche hybrid models, the Outlaw incorporates a regenerative braking system. The system is integrated in the rear hub along with the electric motor. The sand-cast black box housed in the frame incorporates the 52v 13.5 AH battery pack, which Vintage Electric has rated with a 30,000 mile lifespan.

The video is apparently very recent, and includes a sneak peak of several of Rod’s in-progress projects. The most notable is the latest 356 Carrera 4, which so far has only been teased on Instagram (its forward corner with coilover suspension is visible in several shots). Pricing for the Outlaw Tracker starts at $6,995 on Vintage Electric’s website.


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