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Infiniti Q60 Project Black S packs F1-derived hybrid twin-turbo V6

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At the 2017

Geneva Motor Show




the Project Black S

, a souped-up version of the


coupe that packed technology derived from the


Sport Formula 1 Team’s race cars. Details were scarce. Aside from some F1-inspired bodywork, all we knew was that the twin-turbo V6 would be paired with a kinetic energy recovery system, or KERS for short. At next week’s

Paris Motor Show

, Infiniti is bringing a new concept that’s a bit more polished as well as some additional details about what rests under the hood.

The car is still dubbed the Infiniti Project Black S. The car still packs a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 paired with an energy recovery system. Infiniti claims the car makes 563 horsepower, up from 400 in the Q60 Red Sport 400. The Project Black S should hit 60 mph in fewer than four seconds. The powertrain uses three motor generator units (MGU) and a single MGU-K that harvests brake energy. Two electric turbochargers harvest heat energy from the exhaust, meaning the car can gain energy both under braking and acceleration.

Visually, there’s not much that’s changed from last year’s Geneva concept. We only have one new photo, but to our eyes the only difference is a few yellow accents on the front bumper. We’ll have to wait until next week’s reveal for more photos.

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