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Hyundai is showing a walking pod robot car for CES

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Appropriate to its location in Las Vegas,

CES 2019

is bringing out the sci-fi side of


. For this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which has quickly become one of the most important

auto shows

in the world, Hyundai ideated a multi-terrain pod that uses legs attached to wheels. It’s called Elevate.

This is one of the first ideas we have seen from

Hyundai CRADLE

, the Center for Robotic-Augmented Design in Living Experiences. Formerly Hyundai Ventures, CRADLE was formed for venture capital, collaboration with startups, and concept development, with investments focusing on robotic and intelligent systems, eco-friendly technologies, mobility, materials and manufacturing technology, and

concept vehicles


The Elevate incorporates numerous aspects of these goals with a concept vehicle that incorporates robotics and electric mobility. In the photo here, it is shown in potential application for search and rescue missions. Because the pod uses wheels and robotic legs together, it can cross various types of terrain and even climb. Oddly, though, we wonder why something that heavy is depicted on top of rubble where they are searching for survivors. Maybe that area has already been cleared.

Hyundai hasn’t offered specs or details on Elevate yet. It might at full launch, but it appears the Elevate runs on battery power and is about as tall as the workers. Stay tuned for more info in the coming week.

Hyundai Cradle

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