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Honda S660 Neo Classic is closest thing to the Sports EV Concept yet

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We’ve stared longingly across the Pacific at

the awesome little Honda S660 sports car

since its introduction in 2015. In fact, we’ve done so so much that

Honda has had to quash all variety of rumors of some version of it coming to American shores

. And now


has gone and created a wild retro

body kit

for the S660 that has us pining for the roadster all over again.

The kit is called the S660 Neo Classic kit, and it’s based on

a concept car

that was first shown in 2016 at the

Tokyo Motor Show

. And the design is very similar to that of

the N-One kei class hatchback


the Honda Sports EV

with its round headlights, solid black plastic grille, and general retro look. According to Honda, the concept was well received, so it went about developing the kit you see here. It’s slightly simplified, mainly in that it has fewer fiddly chrome pieces.

It’s a comprehensive kit, too. It comes with new fenders, hood, bumpers, grille and lights. Every piece is made of fiberglass, but interestingly, they aren’t painted. It’s odd since the kit is coming from Honda, so it would seem easy for the company to paint the parts in factory colors if requested. The company says the idea is that the owners will paint the car however they want anyway, so why bother with painting them in the first place?

Unsurprisingly, given how much goes into this body kit, it isn’t cheap. At current exchange rates, it costs about $11,500. That’s even more eyewatering when considering the fact a base S660 costs just under $18,000. And that gets you a whole car. Still, we’re sure serious fans of the car will be willing to shell out the big money to have something unique. Those people will be able to order up a kit starting on September 21, 2018. And since the S660 is unlikely to ever come here, Americans will have to just wait roughly 25 years to be able to import a converted example. Happy waiting.

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