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GMC Envoy could be returning as GM files for ‘Envoy’ trademark

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GMC Envoy

could be on its way back, if a recent


trademark filing is any indication of the future. To be exact, GM’s trademark filing is for the name “


,” and is applicable to “motor vehicles, namely,

sport utility vehicles

, engines therefor and structural parts thereof.”

A victim of the recession and high

gas prices

, the original Envoy – related to the


, and more recently the


and similar GM SUVs – was discontinued after the 2009 model year. In today’s SUV-happy market of low gas prices, unearthing the somewhat familiar Envoy name makes a certain amount of sense. As soon as gas prices start trending in the other direction, we’ll all be saying the opposite, though.

What this SUV will take shape as is the big question now. With the

Chevrolet Blazer

well and truly on its way, there’s every reason for a


version of


stylish new


sporting the Envoy name. Another, less likely, possibility is a Traverse-sized vehicle to slot between the shorter


(10 inches shorter than the Chevy


) and the body-on-frame



GM could come out of left field and make the Envoy a


too. It fits the bill with the “En” beginning, and Buick undoubtedly has crossovers

in the works

. We think that’s even more unlikely, but it’s important to remember that we’re still in the speculation phase. Soon we’ll drive Chevy’s new


, and perhaps have more news then. Check in next week for that.

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