Four new Chevy Silverado concept trucks get lifted and lowered

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just released the

new Silverado

for public sale, but today we get to see four different “concept” versions of that truck. In reality, they’re less concepts and more a preview of what you can do with


accessory catalog. The four Silverado variants here that Chevy plans to show at


this year are as follows: RST Off Road, RST Street, High Country Concept and LTZ Concept.

The RST badge (Rally Sport Truck) has meant something for performance truck enthusiasts since the early to mid-2000s. Chevy also introduced the

Tahoe and Suburban RST

trucks recently. Both of those were appearance packages until Chevy introduced the “

RST Performance Package

” which gave each of them the 6.2-liter V8, Borla exhaust and Brembo brakes. Not bad for trucks limited to the 5.3-liter V8 up until that point.

RST Off Road

We’ll start with the RST Off Road because it’s definitely the coolest looking of the four (shown first in gallery above). Chevy slaps on a two-inch factory lift kit and cold-air intake system for this model. Off-road wheels and tires plus the sport bar are added to the mix giving it a little


feel. On top of the roof sits a 40-inch LED light bar, and a couple off-road sport lamps sit down below. In addition to all this sweet trail gear, Chevy includes a full appearance package to make the car look tougher — the illuminated bowtie grille emblem doesn’t exactly scream hardcore to us, though. The cool thing about all these “concepts” is that all of the gear used to outfit them is available directly from Chevy in its accessories catalog.

RST Street

Next up is the RST Street, above. As for this concept truck, it also lowers the suspension like the first Silverado RST. It has a cold-air intake system, but this one gets six-piston Brembo front brakes in red and a Borla exhaust system. Chevy says the dual exhaust system on the 5.3-liter V8 is good for an additional 10 horsepower. A bunch of body graphics give it a louder look along with its glossy black 22-inch wheels. Faux carbon fiber parts are splattered about on the mirror caps, door handles, grille and interior trim too.

High Country Concept

Chevy says the High Country is designed to be a “premium outdoor truck,” with a little extra functionality off-road, mostly thanks to a two-inch lift. It comes with the six-piston Brembo brakes, catback exhaust for the 6.2-liter V8 and cold-air intake. This one gets a bunch of bronze exterior accents to give it that premium look also. The production High Country Silverado is more focused on tech and luxury upgrades instead of this one’s focus on the fun-to-drive aspect.

LTZ Concept

Finally, the LTZ Concept is designed for towing. Though the only feature we can pick out meant for that is a trailering camera package. This allows for a camera to be mounted to a trailer and then have the feed be viewed on the vehicle’s center stack display. Pretty nifty. Like the others, we get an exhaust and cold-air intake system upgrade. Chevy mounted the Brembo brakes onto this one as well. The 2019 production Silverado LTZ is focused on the luxury pickup experience, like the High Country production truck is. We’d imagine performance features on the luxury-focused trucks will remain accessories to tack on afterwards.

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