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Former Beatle George Harrison’s Porsche 928 Up For Auction

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This March, as part of Omega Auctions annual Beatle’s auction, a Porsche 928 once owned by Beatles guitarist George Harrison will come up for sale. Purchased new buy Harrison in 1980, he went on to drive the black 928 for three to four years before selling it onward. What happened to it then is anyone’s guess, but it resurfaced a number of years ago when Raj Sedha, from Leeds, bought it in 2003.

Not realizing the potential significance of the Porsche, Sedha planned on using the 928 as a parts car. Thankfully, his wife took a look through the paperwork that came with the Porsche and found Harrison’s name on it. When she told her husband about the 928’s provenance it didn’t hit home at first:

"It didn’t click with me. She said it is George Harrison’s," said Mr. Sedha. "I said, ‘That’s who the man who I bought it off said. Who is he?

"She said, ‘He’s the Beatle. You can’t take the car apart for spares.‘"

George Harrison’s Porsche 928 Gets Restored

Harrison was known for his love of fast cars and motorsport in general. Some of the many cars he’s owned include another Porsche (a 930 Turbo), a McLaren F1 and a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 (this particular car was sold at auction in 2011 £350,000). It’s unlikely that Harrison’s 928 will fetch anywhere near that amount. Instead, pre-auction estimates have the fully restored black over black Porsche 928 selling for upwards of £20,000.

Auctioneer Paul Fairweather said: "For anybody that’s into cars and The Beatles, this is a must-have. The 928 is an absolute classic and the fact that it was owned by George for four years from new will ensure that it roars off the auction block."

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